About Diana

Background - London

Diana Francis is a British, Singapore based fine artist whose works celebrate the cultural heritage of Singapore with a modern twist. With over 20 years of experience in the art world, she has gained recognition for her unique style and composition.

Diana's works incorporate bold colours and a contemporary aesthetic, while still paying homage to the traditional elements of Singapore's rich cultural heritage. Her compositions are a fusion of old and new, featuring iconic landmarks, traditional dress, and local customs, rendered with a contemporary twist.

Diana draws inspiration from her personal experiences and memories of growing up in Singapore. Her works aim to evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride in Singapore's cultural diversity and heritage.

Diana's work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and art shows, both locally and internationally. She has received several awards and accolades for her work, including an Olympic medal for Fine Art in Beijing in 2008, and having her works permanently displayed at Singapore's Changi Airport.

In her free time, Diana enjoys exploring Singapore's hidden gems, delighting in new foods, and spending time with family and friends.

With her passion for Singaporean heritage and her unique artistic style, Diana continues to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts both in Singapore and beyond.


Awards and Accolades:

Olympics 2008: Olympic Medal winner in Beijing 2008 in fine art, representing UK.

Noegna Global Art Platform 2010: Gold award for best Impressionism in landscape painting. 

Hi2P: Awarded the National Heritage Incentive Program by National Heritage Board, Singapore.

Her fine art is supported by the NHB (National Heritage Board Singapore), whom she works closely to support local Singapore heritage.


Awards and Accolades:

2008 - Diana won an Olympic medal for her fine art for the OFA in Beijing, China.
2010 - Diana’s paintings were commissioned to present the Singapore Sun Festival. 2011 - Diana worked as creative head for Elephant Parade Singapore

2014 - Diana was Chief Creative Officer for Elephant Parade Hong Kong
2015 - Diana works as Creative Director for Ulster Weavers merchandise
2016 - Diana's works are placed in permanent exhibition at Singapore Changi Airport's SATS lounges (terminal 1, 2 & 3)



2005 - Group (with Win-Lin Tan) Art + Gallery - Amoy Street, Singapore
2005 - Solo Show. Pearl River Gallery - River Valley Road, Singapore
2006 - Solo Show. Red Sea Gallery - American Club, Claymore Rd Singapore
2007 - Group Show (with Manjeet Shergill) - Volvo Gallery - Alexandra Road, Singapore
2008 - Group Show (with Manjeet Shergill) - American Club, Claymore Rd Singapore
2008 - Group Show, Olympic Fine Arts - Bejijing, China
2009 - Solo Show, The Shophouse, Gillman Barracks, Singapore
2010 - Solo Show, Diana Francis Studio, Holland Village, Singapore
2011 - Solo Show, Diana Francis Studio, Holland Village, Singapore
2012 - Solo Show, Singapore Sun Festival, Esplanade, Singapore
2013 - Solo Show, Diana Francis Studio, Holland Village, Singapore
2013 - Group Show, UNIFEM, Red Sea Gallery, Dempsey Hill
2014 - Solo Show, Diana Francis Studio, Holland Village, Singapore
2015 - Solo Show, Diana Francis Studio, Holland Village, Singapore
2015 - Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
2016 - Solo permanent exhibition, Singapore Changi Airport SATS Lounge
2017 - Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2017 - Singapore: A Lasting Impression, The Cinnamon Room, Singapore

Diana Francis Artwork

For any artwork queries please Whatsapp directly on +440723057460

If in Singapore to see some of her artworks, please visit:

Emperor's Attic, 

315, #01-10 Outram Rd, Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074