Lion's Pride - Art From The Heart!

In 2019, I was delighted to initiate a fund raising art movement in Singapore we called 'Lion's Pride - Art From The Heart!.

Inspired from the national mascot of Singapore; the Merlion, Lion's Pride inspired and encouraged the public of Singapore to get involved in art, and understand 'hands on' the positive benefits of art, not only in our everyday lives but in the important role it plays to empower those in the community. Funds raised from Lion's Pride are donated to President's Challenge.

In 2019 we received The President's Challenge Appreciation Award for fund raising and creative initiative in Singapore.

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Marieke de Zeeuw, Singapore President Mdm Halimah Jacob and myself at the President's Challenge Appreciation Night 2019.


Lion's Pride - Singapore 2019

In 2019 Lion's Pride was proud to work with multiple partners bringing the beautiful Art Merlions to Singapore.


Painting workshops

We loved working with both the public and the local communities with fun art workshops, which put a great smile on the face of Singapore.

We look forward to more great community events later in 2020.


Some of our Singapore Art Merlions

Garden CityHome Is Where The Heart IsNational TreasureAbundanceDream CatcherSpice of Life

Art From The HeartRumble In The Jungle

Lion's Pride Art Kit