Art Philanthropy

Diana Francis supports projects that help local NGOs for community and environmental issues. In addition to her fine art, she illustrates artworks for merchandise in retail, to build funds and awareness for many important causes.

LION'S PRIDE - Art From The Heart! 

A start up in 2019, Lion's Pride works within the Singapore communities supporting interactive art events. These 'art jamming' sessions within the local communities, enforces the benefits of Art Therapy.



Elephant Parade

Since 2011, Diana Francis has worked closely with Elephant Parade Ltd in supporting their brand when Elephant Parade came to Asia for the first time.

Developing merchandise from Elephant Parade key elephant Mosha ‘We Love Mosha’ and designing the official Singapore elephant ‘One Degree North’, Diana has worked closely with Elephant Parade in building awareness and fund raising for EF (Elephant Family) the charity supported by Elephant Parade. Diana developed Elephant Parade's first global ‘non-replica’ merchandise through licensing with Ulster Weavers, now retailed globally. 


Elephant Parade Hong Kong

Diana initiated the Elephant Parade for Hong Kong; their second
Asian Parade in 2014. Diana worked as the Chief Creative Officer for this project. Working on the organization, art management, sponsorship and branding with Swire Properties (presenting partner for Hong Kong), along with product development specifically for the Hong Kong parade.


Animal Merchandise Pte Ltd

In 2012, Diana founded (with Ella Sherman) Animal Merchandise Pte Ltd, a retail company whose objective is to raise awareness and funds for local animal charities in Singapore. From developing the corporate ID for the brand, brand positioning through to product development of homeware and giftware retail-able merchandise.

From October 2013, Animal Merchandise will be available at TANGS (Orchard Rd) and from November 2013, at TANGS VivoCity.


Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund

Diana developed WRSCF branded merchandise as an initiative conservation project for WRSCF fund raising. The objective for this ongoing project is to create products that tell the story of lesser known local wildlfe supported by WRSCF (such as the Pangolin and Fresh Water Crab) as well as the conservation achievements in general from WRSCF.