Giclee canvas printing

Canvas Printing, or Giclee Printing (pronounced Zhee-Clay) is a process in which a picture of photograph is printed on a piece of high-quality canvas and then stretched around a hardwood frame. Canvas Prints feature in art galleries across the world.

The canvas we use is imported from North America. It is the same canvas which leading art-galleries use to display their pictures. It is the best canvas in the market because it is: 

1.  Made of cotton blend to ensure a more consistent product
2.  Bright white in colour – this is perfect for showcasing brilliant hues and sharp definition.
3.  Water-resistant
4.  Archival rated to 75+ years
5.  Heavyweight (more like denim than the bed-sheet-like imitation which other print-makers use)
6.  More textured than most canvases on the market


I am proud to work with the following suppliers:

Singapore: Brilliant Prints Pte Ltd


Australia: Brilliant Prints 


United Kingdom: The Print Space